1) What’s Beauty Board Hub? (Types of professionals, features, etc.)

Beauty Board Hub is a platform that facilitates the exchange of beauty services and goods between beauty professionals and clients. Our platform is open to hairstylists, makeup artists, nail artists and more.

2) How does it work?

It’s simple to join our platform; simply search a service that you are looking for and book the nearest professional. All you have to do is sign up and set up your personal page.

A beauty professional wanting to display services and acquire clients, he/she must, describe his/her services, add prices, pictures of their best work, as well as other pertinent specification making it easy for clients to book.

3) What differentiates it from what’s currently available? (Social media groups, apps, etc.)

Beauty Board Hub offers a platform that enables service providers to be mobile and customers to book hair, nails, and makeup appointments based on their schedule for free. In just a minute, you can book a service! It’s the easiest and fastest platform to book and offer beauty services.


4) What are the advantages of using it?

For clients, we eliminate the hassle of waiting in line for the next availability. We understand people are busy, so we actually have enabled our service providers to be mobile and come to the customer instead, as a preference.

For the service provider, we have simplified the booking process and ensure that the payment has been rendered as soon as they are booked.

Beauty Board Hub offers competitive prices and a variety of beauty professionals to choose from. Services are displayed per City, and per Price. Beauty Board Hub is convenient, affordable, simple and secure.

5) Who can use it? Only fashion and beauty industry insiders or does it extend to regular customers?

Beauty Board Hub is for everyone, men or women. One can use it for daily purposes as well as for special occasions such as a party, wedding, gala, birthday, graduation, fashion show, photo shoot, etc.


6) What’s the price point to use the platform and what are the price ranges used by the professionals?

Using or joining the platform is actually free. The prices on Beauty Board Hub are very competitive and do vary depending on the service. Anyone can book a service within their budget.

7) Where is the platform available currently?

Beauty Board Hub is a responsive cross-platform site that can be surfed easily on the web as well as on a smartphone. We serve clients all across North America (Canada and USA). We are constantly on-boarding professionals — We have a huge presence in metropolis such as Toronto & GTA area, Montreal, Ohio, New York, Texas, Georgia, and we’re looking to grow in more areas.

8) Who is behind the platform?

Aidy Oni, CEO and Major Oni, CTO. We are just passionate about creating simple solutions for people. We came up with the idea after we experienced difficulties finding a hairstylist and makeup artist while traveling. We figured, other people may be going through or may have went through such situations. And that is how Beauty Board Hub was born.

9) What are the winning practices to succeed as a freelancer or as business on the platform? And in general?

Competitive prices and clear pictures of past work do play a huge factor in being booked. Sharing your profile link on your social media platforms is another great way of being booked. Furthermore, giving a great customer service is key to acquiring and keeping customers.

10) Which service has most demand in the platform from consumers or other businesses?

Hair, makeup and nails.

11) What’s next for Beauty Board Hub?

Grow in each city in North America — we want to make sure our community is well served. We also want to be the go-to platform when people think of booking beauty services in minutes.

12) In your opinion, what will be the beauty trends of Christmas 2016? Of year 2017?

Makeup wise, the graphic eye liner is IN. It lifts the eye, and hides your fatigue very well. Highlighting and contouring is also another trend that is IN right now. What is Christmas without the color red, right? We might see different shades of red lips, red hair, red nails etc…

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