Category: Diary of an awkward girl

    Girls, you’ve probably witnessed some of these fails first hand and guys, if you’re reading this, please use it as feedback to improve your dating and seduction techniques. No offense, but some of you desperately need it! 😉 1. Asking me to be Facebook friends or literally searching for me on FB and […]

Ok, so I used to be the biggest believer in exes friensdships, but I kind of changed my mind over the years and here’s why. 1. This is probably the major reason why you two should NOT be friends. One of you may still have feelings for the other and may end up getting hurt […]

So I decided to try this online dating site to join the 21st century and also, because I work crazy hours and I don’t think I can meet someone with my current heavy schedule, unless I’m looking to hook up with a computer at work. I met different kinds of guys and here are the […]

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