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Ok, so I used to be the biggest believer in exes friensdships, but I kind of changed my mind over the years and here’s why.

1. This is probably the major reason why you two should NOT be friends. One of you may still have feelings for the other and may end up getting hurt and going through a remake of the breakup all over again if you get too close. NO PLEASE! And remember you broke up for a reason and both of you are still the same people unless the Ghost of Christams Past pulls a Scrooge on you and stops by for a revelation of a lifetime while visiting your dreams and projecting your possible futures.

2. You already know him and feel comfortable with him, which encourages your lazyness and keeps you from wanting to meet new people and dating.

3. If you still have feelings for him, or if there’s sexual tension between you too, you’ll be putting yourself in an uncomfortable position where you might get a pinch in the heart everytime he’s dating or flirting with someone else. Don’t put yourself in that position, Tots not worth it!

4. Being around him will bring great and not so great memories.

5. Being with him around other people may give the wrong impression. They may think you’re dating if you have a certain body language, proximity, inside jokes and that cute guy you’ve been eying won’t appraoch you if he thinks you’re taken. Don’t let your ex be a co*k block!

6. Your current boyfriend will probably feel weird about it and not too pleased with the situation. Can you really blame him? You’d feel the same, if you were in his shoes.

This doesn’t mean you should hate your exes or that you should ignore them. If someone calls you, it’s ok to return their call, if you run into them, you can say Hey what’s up, but don’t live in the past…

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