Girls, you’ve probably witnessed some of these fails first hand and guys, if you’re reading this, please use it as feedback to improve your dating and seduction techniques. No offense, but some of you desperately need it! 😉

1. Asking me to be Facebook friends or literally searching for me on FB and sending me a friend request or a poke (which is weirder) after exchanging 2 words or worst, none or, even worst, before I even get a chance to swipe on your profile. I don’t know you, you may be a crazy creepy stalker and I have some personal details on there that are destined for people I know at least a minimum. It also could be a sign that you want to see more pics of me and that you’re possibly shallow?

2. Asking for my phone number after exchanging 2 words. Same stalkerish reason as above. Remember we want to get to know you once you trigger that “Oh he seems interesting” thought in our brains and that hasn’t happened yet!

3. Pressing me to answer your last message with question marks. If I did not answer yet it means I either didn’t have time (because you know I am busy and that’s one of the things that got you interested 😉 ) or I realized I don’t see myself dating you after exchanging a few sentences. Rushing someone can get irritating and it makes you look needy (not very attractive!).

4. Bragging with your career, car, apartment, etc. in a very long monologue on our first date. I mean, if it feels like I’m the 3rd wheel on that date with yourself, what’s the point?! Also, humble successful guys are way more attractive!

5. Being boring. If all your messages can be summarised as “Hi, How are you? Good and you?” you’re not giving me anything to work with, sorry bro! You have to show me who you are through what you do and what you like and show that you have a good sense of humour (No one likes boring people and I genuinely think no one is boring. Some people just get paralysed by self consciousness or shyness). Play the let’s explore each other’s creativity and wittiness game! It’s fun I promise!

6. I may be old school, but I think the guy should initiate the conversation and if it takes you a month to do so or to get back to me. Well… I have already forgotten about you (No jokes!) and I literally think to myself, who is this?!? In the mean time, I probably had 60 dates, got engaged, called off the engagement, travelled to Laos, adopted a kid… Just kidding, but you get the point! 😉

7. Don’t play childish, provocation, or manipulation games. I have a pretty good sense of humour in general and I am easy to talk to, but my time is valuable and I ain’t got none for drama or mind games. This triggers the “OMG, need to get the heck out of here!” process. To me the only game worth playing is seduction!

8. Don’t be a jerk, be a gentleman. We love it when you open the door for us, morning texts are the sweetest, offer your help, take initiatives, be in charge, BE THE MAN! Oh and most women expect the man to pay on the 1st date. It’s kind of an unwritten rule of dating. Most women won’t let you pay for them after insisting if they’re not interested, or if they are die hard feminists.

9. Don’t be selfish and dishonest. We, women, have a radar for BS. We like sharing and being with real guys with good vibes who don’t calculate every thing.

10. Don’t be the bitter loser. If I see that in you, be assured that’ll push me away faster than a Ferrari on a descending icy racetrack slope and it will confirm my decision about calling it A Dios with you! You want the girl to think waw he’s taking this like a MAN, a mature human being. Could I have been wrong about him?!

11. I know you guys look at our pics and our profiles often (VERY often), but it sounds creepy when you say stuff like “Do you work downtown, I saw you were 1km away” a couple of days after initiating the convo, “Where are you, it says you are 39999km away”, “I like looking at your pics while I’m at work”.

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