Recently the Anne-Marie Chagnon boutique atelier organized a series of activities and guided tours of the atelier open to the public for the Journées de la Culture (Culture Days) and here’s what we learned:

1. AMC pieces are handmade in the sense they have a specific process to produce and assemble each mold and piece in their atelier. This makes the brand even more special and the pieces even more precious.

2. When you purchase AMC accessories, they have your back! If a piece wears out, you can replace it. Some items are guaranteed for life, per example the bracelet elastics, earring claps, jump rings. There’s also a yearlong warranty for new purchases on the manufacturing and small fees apply for other repairs.

3. AMC opened a boutique atelier in Shibuya,Japan in March of this year and the launch party happened this last September, how exciting!!

4. The staff at AMC is very passionate, proud and loyal to the brand. How do I know that? The way they present the brand, interact with the clientele and tell you about their own personal stories with AMC with big bright smiles and sparkling eyes.

5. AMC is the daughter of a movie set make-up artist and engineer, which translates a lot in her creations where you can see her artistic side mixed with structured and geometric lines.

6. AMC is launching a focus group to get her clientele’s feedback on products, so this is your chance to  add your input into her creative process, how cool! You might want to get on their newsletter to get notified.

7. One of AMC’s projects as a student was tongue accessories and the pictures are simply amazing. These same pictures made her noticed by Cirque du Soleil for which she produced an exclusive collection sold to the public at Cirque du Soleil’s boutiques, all over the world.

8. Anne Marie also paints and her paintings definitely have a special something, check some of them out here.


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