The cool thing about fashion week is without a doubt the opportunity to get a sneak peak of future collections and trends before everyone else and the inspiration you get from other style and fashion addicts. Another thing I look forward to is discovering new businesses and artisans while passing by the stands. And of course, the energy emanating from the runway during a fashion show is just magical. There’s something mystical, electrical or simply divine about it. I like to sort of guess the inspiration or come up with stories behind each featured collection.


This 6th edition of fashion Preview was a delight in terms of colors, thank goodness spring summer 2017 will be colorful. The accessory village included brands such as Coton Mouton, Ella Dugre, Et le bijou crea la femme, Holdur, Maison Bourdon, Guillotine, L’Antichambre Parfums, la boutique en ligne Fibres Collectives et C’est Beau, le « Coup de cœur de Jason ».

Fashion Show Overview by Designer

Photo credit: Colin Cuthbert

Rush by Claudette Floyd dared to include fall/winter tints of purple and red along with pure bright white and ruffled cuts which was pleasant for the eye. We could certainly retain elegance, color, comfort and femininity from her collection.

Duy kept it very pastel bright with two main inspirations: Modern formal meets middle age combined to some Asian inspiration on collars and cuts on blazers. The male model kind of looks like he’s wearing the most stylish karate outfit and the girls look like they would be a modern version of the ladies from French Court with the bulged sleeves, the apparent nobleness of the fabrics and the accentuation of the waist.

ESG UQUAM presented a fashion show comparable to established designer shows. Attention to details, original elements, quality fabrics, trendy designs and tints, ballsy well calculated risks. I was pleasantly surprised. College Lasalle students presented a festival of white blouses with interesting details differentiating each piece. I totally wanted them all! Cegep Marie-Victorin presented a festival of colored furs paired with colored tights, which kind of reminded me of the harlequin style.

Helmer, true to his reputation, gave us a show filled with extravagant details and accessories enhanced through vibrant colors. The runway got quite cheeky as the pieces were quite short. I have been a fan of his work ever since I saw it for the first time a few years back. Helmer took the opportunity to announce he was launching a fashion design course during Fashion Preview and I cannot wait to see the new generation of designers he will train.

KQK is another one of my favorite designers who masters the art of soft layering, asymmetrical lines and superposition of different fabrics in  effortless chic signature looks.

Naïké brought a breath of fresh air with its Sunday at the Marina kind of looks. Light fabrics, blue overcoats combined to Holdur Fannypacks emphasized that theme.

Leinad Beaudet brought back the midi culottes in black and white with some rich yellow and creme pink pieces. Comfort and elegance seems to be the recurring message of the brand.

Muse Par Christian Chenail kept it sober with black and white pieces through a balanced proportion of chic and weekend pieces. I really loved the see-through knit dress.

Lovan made it seem like it was possible to want to hug your clothes with their wrapping comfy soft hoodied pieces. Those pieces, in my opinion, are the closest to wearing a teddy bear, a stylish one that is.

Karma rocked the fit category with its stylish workout pieces. The designer explained how they use designer quality fabrics to create trendy pieces.

Yoga Jeans added their own twist to jeans with cute recurring embroidered flowers on jeans and jackets. I totally had a crush on the blue jean culotte. Save one for me Yoga Jeans!!

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