Fashion week is one of those times I live for, what my fashion dreams are made of, so imagine my enthusiasm when the dates were announced for the next edition of Fashion Preview. Mark your calendars, from October 17th to 19th the city’s about to get all fashed up! In the mean time, here’s your appetizer while you wait: A guide to wearing Montreal designers based on the last Fashion Preview edition featuring Fall/Winter 2017 fashion last March.


Collège LaSalle:

Style: Very funky, fashion forward and over the top runway. Let’s put it all out there kind of vibe (which I LOVE!)

Where to wear it: Fashion week worthy pieces, a fashion forward party or you can even borrow some pieces to create an original Halloween costume.

We love: The goldmine of creativity that shines through all the different textures, fabrics, materials, colours.

Shop: N/A


Brit Wacher

Style: If we mixed classic style with harlequin influences and goth notes, Brit Wacher’s FW17 collection would be the end result. It’s a very Harley Quinn goes to the office or Harley Quinn shows a little less skin kind of style.

Where to wear it: You can definitely mix some statement pieces from the collection with more sober pieces and hop on your day to work or to a party. You may also rock one of the flirty Harleyish dresses for a date or your Friday night.

We love: The Harley inspiration (sorry can’t get over it!), the destructured cuts, the incorporated accessories and the unusual colors (unusual for a runway).




Style: Ledback chic, Afternoon at the marina, effortless chic

Where to wear it: Work, Sunday brunch, a walk at the Old Port and pretty much throughout your lifestyle.

We love: The effortless chicness, the comfort, the apparent purity and quality of the fabrics, the stylish coats and the lovely maxi winter dresses signé Naïké.




Style: Chic extravangant, think Sex & The City and how Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte used to wear the latest collections and could literally jump onto a couture runway and fit in with the originality, sumptuousness and statement of their outfits.

Where to wear it: When I think Helmer, I think party, refined cocktail party. However, you can always borrow a statement piece for a little extra oomph to your office look.

We love: When you wear Helmer, you literally wear art and that’s a guaranteed show stopper!

Shop: 2020 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2T2, Canada


MUSE by Christian Chenail

Style: Office chic with a twist of modern à la Jessica in the tv series Suits.

Where to wear it: This collection has office attire written all over it and who doesn’t want to look like Jessica?! Networking events, chic formal cocktail parties and girl tea parties are also an option.

We love: The blazers have a certain je ne sais quoi, that rebel biker, yet feminine touch and it’s got my seal of approval!

Shop: 4467 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L2


Leinad Beaudet

Style: Mature pinup, Sunday at the church.

Where to wear it: This collection can be office friendly if paired with a blazer or cardigan. The chic stamp on it gives it a more evening vibe.

We love: The flowy culottes and the apparent comfort.

Shop: (online shop coming soon)



Style: Endrogynous, minimalist, edgy classic.

Where to wear it: You can wear this designer pretty much anywhere in your day to day life. It basically embraces your lifestyle. That includes work, a more led back activity or a dressier happy hour with your friends.

We love: The edginess of the random fabric cuts and asymetry. I am literally dying for the dresses, blazers and rompers!




Style: Edgy oversized street wear. This collection has some punk references.

Where to wear it: To your laidback activities or friendly gatherings. Some pieces can be transposed into a chicer or more formal outfit for the more adventures.

We love: The asymmetry and translucidness of some pieces. We also love how every collection is full of surprises and plunges us in a new culture.

Shop: (coming soon)



Style: Romantic glam, glittery, satin, velvet, fringes.

Where to wear it: The key word here is chic glam, so any cocktail, chic party and even your glorious days at work can use a touch of glam (hey some people dress everyday as if it were their birthday!).

We love: The velvet game of this collection and the tapestry inspired vests and blazers are to die for!

Shop: N/A


Coquette en soie

Style: Classic romantic or fifty shades of silk textures (silk is one of the most fascinating fabrics to me as it comes in different textures and appearances).

Where to wear it: Work and date friendly. Happy hour with your friends also works.

We love: The subtle shine of silk and its romantic touch!



Robert Atelier

Style: Sober classics revisited with a touch of originality in details.

Where to wear it: Work and regular activities.

We love: The volume which speaks comfort and the simplistic classic looks!




Style: Young edgy eclectic fireworks (fireworks are turned up vibes). Could this be… Could Markantoine be our Alexander McQueen? So this would be your Sex & The City style if the characters were 20 years younger TODAY.

Where to wear it: When you go out with your friends and you’re on a mission to SLAY! You can also edge-up an office outfit by mix and matching with one of these pieces.

We love: The fabric/color mix and variety! The statement behind each piece of clothing might leave you speachless (in a good way, promise!).



École supérieure de mode

Style: Chic neutral original looks in the form of asymmetrical draped designs. Some femme fatale matrix style designs also slipped onto the runway.

Where to wear it: Business in the front, party in the details gives the students’ collection that work and after work activities with your friends.

We love: The originality and level of professional attire students came up with.

Shop: N/A


Cégep Marie-Victorin

Style: Spiritual meets led back active vibes kind of style. Chic points added by fur coats and pureness of materials and neutral colors like white.

Where to wear it: cozy weekend at the chalet.

We love: The zen vibes and the overall allure of the fur coats.

Shop: N/A


Photos courtesy of Fashion Preview

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