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This October 4th Marie Saint-Pierre will unveil a new capsule collection for men in Toronto at Cabinet Ephemere’s new mobile boutique. Cabinet Ephemere, known for their seasonal pop up shops at Ogilvy and for showcasing Montreal designers during events such as Fashion Preview and the fashion and design festival in Montreal.

This extension to masculine fashion comes from an observation of a male clientele responding positively to her collection’s most androgynous pieces. This reminds me of an interview I had with Philippe Dubuc who had told me the same thing but from an opposite perspective. Being a menswear designer, he mentioned how some women like to shop his collections for themselves. So I’m wondering if he will go the same route eventually by expanding to womenswear. And who knows, women may want to pick a thing or two from MSP’s men’s collections. This collection is expected to respect the designer’s neutral modern chic soul stamp. It will offer pants, blazers, and shirts among other things. Simon Olivier-Fecteau was wearing Marie Saint-Pierre at the last Gemeaux Gala, as seen on the top picture.

MSP also offers dresses, tops, bottoms, wedding dresses, accessories, bags, perfumes, candles and home furniture. It’s positioned as a luxurious brand with stores in Montreal (de la Montagne and Rockland center), in Miami and online. It also sells in larger upscale multi brand stores across Canada and the USA.

The inspiring designer has many realizations under her belt. She designed the outfit of female staff at Hotel Le Germain, she was a guest speaker at a conference featuring women of influence launched by W Hotels, she won CAFA’s outstanding achievement award in 2015 and was part of the nominating committee afterwards. She was also featured in the documentary “Revealing Marie Saint Pierre” at the international film festival.

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