1) What is your background as a founder and what pushed you to launch MAS Montreal?

Prior to finishing my undergraduate studies, I got really interested by the startup world. I learn a lot by attending different events in the process and by validating my idea. I used what I learned to launch a cupcake business with a friend. It was mostly for pleasure, but a good way to understand how a business and social media strategies work.

At that point, I knew I wanted to start something in the fashion industry too. I just didn’t know what yet. I considered  styling, but then after realizing how difficult it was to find clothes that fit well when your body is not “standard”, I knew it was a project for me. And since I experienced this situation, I knew exactly what people needed and what solutions could make clothes fit better non standard body types.


2) What is MAS Montreal and what does it stand for?

MAS means “more” in Spanish and it’s exactly what I want to offer my customers.

Better fits, Better quality, better products. I want them to know that no matter what their shape is, they shouldn’t settle for what doesn’t fit them. They are beautiful and deserve clothes that suit them properly.


3) How would you describe the MAS woman?

The MAS woman takes care of herself mentally and physically. She looks for balance to feel great in her body and constantly grows to become the best version of herself. She is looking for unique pieces of clothing that suit her curves perfectly and which make her feel comfortable throughout the day.


4) What type of pieces are offered and where can we find them?

MAS is specialized in everyday basics proudly made in Montreal. All the pieces are created in order to constitute perfect essentials to a wardrobe. You can find t-shirts, button up shirts, blazers, crewnecks, pants and jeans. We design clothes as neutral as possible to encourage  people to keep them as long as possible. That said, I always add a special touch to makes them unique and not boring.

You can find the entire collection online. I’m also doing events to give my clients more opportunities to see, touch and try on pieces of the collection. People can also find us and see more of what we do on Instagram and Facebook.


5) How would you describe the DNA of the brand and where did it come from?

It took me a while to find the perfect words to describe MAS. MAS is about body diversity.

I have always been into fashion, getting new clothes, the art of finding the best clothes to express my style.

At some point, I got frustrated and fed up by how sizes are defined as if there was only one type of body. I am observing more inclusion towards plus sizes now, but what about being normal or muscular. It’s not because I go to the gym five times a week that I want to wear athletic leggings all day everyday. My brands is all about being proud of having a different body shape and not accepting the pressure to fit in the model that the media try to sell us.




6) You are currently running a crowdfunding campaing on Ulule, can you tell us a little bit more about it? (Target, purpose, link, other details, etc.)

Yes, our goal is to reach 2000$ with the crowd funding campaign. With this. We want to launch two pairs of jeans, Karen for women and our very first piece for men Josh. Both tailored to eliminate the gap at the back of jeans and to feel more comfortable in the thigh area. So the target is to pre-sell as many as possible.

We also want to purchase material for the events we organize such as cloth hangers and visuals. The funding will also fuel our marketing efforts to reach new audiences, potential collaborators like blogs, media and boutiques.


7) What challenges do you think young designers and brand creators are facing in Montreal and how can the community help them?

Having to do everything on a tiny budget. We have to be as present on media as those giant brands, we need to have as much variety as already established brands and prices as affordable as them to be competitive. All this is unfortunately not possible when you are starting a fashion brand. You are on a tiny budget and you need to invest in many things before being even able to sell your first item.

People are getting more and more sensitive to buying local, we need to keep spreading awareness in that way, encouraging young designers by buying and wearing their clothes and always prioritizing quality over quantity. The community can also help by sharing our products and spreading the news about local brands. Also, the government can help by creating more and more events to showcase the work we do in the fashion industry.


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