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The first time I laid eyes on Niapsou’s work was at the Fashion & design festival a couple of years ago when Garance Doré chose him as one of the emerging designers to present his collection on the runway. We also had the pleasure of working with him last summer for our FMD young professionals inspired fashion show here. I was blown away by his originality, you know the kind that allows you to go with your gut and go above the limits of safe cuts and colors. Niapsou’s creativity is the gift that keeps on giving. Each of his collections has that Niapsou stamp without being a nearly reproduction of the previous ones, he constantly reinvents his collections which follow a new inspiration directive line each time and are oh so refreshing.

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On May 4th, the young designer presented his Fall/Winter 2016/2017 collection UNIFORM “yoo’ n9-form ” at the Musha Galusa Art Gallery. The pieces were a clever modern combination of traditional African prints, vibrant colors and classy hip hop. One word describes this collection: cool (too cool for school even). Green, red, yellow and blue were the main colors seen on the runway with some other tints such as purple and orange. The wooden accessories have not gone unnoticed as they could be called wearable art. They are the wooden equivalent of COS’ fabric necklaces. Another thing to underline is the ankle long winter coats, which I believe are a new addition to the designer’s line.

From the styling of the pieces, the choice of shoes, accessories and models, the music and the set up to the hair styles, the food and drinks, the event was a success with a remarkable attention to detail.

Photo Credit: Manikmati Photography


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