Did you know Wonderbra was founded in Montreal under the Canadian Lady Corset Company as a trademarked label?? It grew to become what we know today because, among other things, but especially because it was developed using women’s insights and their interaction with the product, which ultimately made the brand one of the biggest innovators in global Women lingerie history. Here are a few highlights of them making or changing lingerie history.


  • It was founded in 1939 by Moses Nadler in Montreal.
  • It launched the first strapless bra, and the diagonal shoulder strap in the 40’s.
  • They also launched the first push up bra in Canada called Dream Lift in the 60’s. This very same bra made it to the Guinness Book of World Records after selling more than 1.6 million units internationally. They later introduced the first front hook version in 1973.

  • In 1968, The Canadian Lady Corset Company changed its name to Canadian Lady-Canadelle Inc. was sold to Consolidated Foods (now Sara Lee Corporation), and later became Canadelle Inc.
  • WonderBra airs the first tv commercial with a women wearing a bra in North America in 1972, commercials only featured bras on mannequins before that time.
  • WB also gave birth to the first seamless bra in 1974 called Dici, at the same time women were burning their bras and to meet the needs of young women looking for more lightness.
  • The brand launches its all time top seller, even today, style 2620 in 1982.

  • WB’s Hello Boys ad is declared the most eye-catching advertisement in decades, causing accidents on the road. The Outdoor Media Centre also gave it the favorite iconic advertising image recognition through a poll in 1994.
  • Also in 1994, the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) honours WB “for creating a phenomenon never before experienced in the industry” in the sense that it has become a reference sort of like Kleenex.
  • In 2007,  a CBC poll ranks WB as the 5th out of the top 50 Greatest Canadian Inventions.
  • In 2009, WB launched their innovative spring tipped wire to prevent wire poking called No Poke Wire.


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