1)      Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into painting?

I am a multidisciplinary artist that lives & works in Montreal. I love simple things, and I’m inspired by beauty in all its forms. Painting is the easiest way for me to share who I am. I can’t say that I “fell” into it, it’s more something that has just always been there. It comes naturally to me, and painting is how I reconnect with my true self. I’ve made it my purpose; to create visual images that I share with the world. If I spend several days without painting I feel lost.

JAKE par ZoéBoivin

2)      How would you describe your painting style? (the overall feel of your pieces, the signature style, the message it delivers, etc.)

I paint emotions. I let my energy and inspirations guide my choice of colors, movements, textures and lines, creating unique pieces each time. I work with bright colors, I never have enough of white! The overall sentiment is a mix of liberty, expression, identity, and affirmation. I don’t think of it as a signature or a style, but even when I try to paint something different, the overall feel always guides my hand. I paint circles of energy that sometimes turns out into various forms & shapes, that I associated with persons or animals. My work is also about the aura of femininity, personality, leadership and strength to conquer the world, and I want my viewers to understand that all of this comes from inside.

3)      What inspires you as an artist and for your collections?

Inspiration comes from the world that I live in; the beauty is literally everywhere. Nature, architecture, persons, music, animals, life in all its forms. I really love the fashion industry which inspires me a lot. I consider fashion as a type of art; designers are artists for me. It’s only the medium that changes. I love when things are feminine & a little bit weird at the same time.

I read and look at a lot of magazines, articles & books about fashion, design and architecture. For example, Aesthetica is a must for me. I also love to walk in the streets of Mile End where I live in Montreal. There is a great artistic energy, so when you walk outside with a camera it’s crazy what you can stumble on and discover. Even the simplest thing can be a source of inspiration. I also love Instagram as another source of inspiration ; it’s great to see other fellow artists working all over the world !

Zoe Boivin Painting

4)      What’s the price range for your art pieces and where can people find them?

Depending on the size and medium, my pieces range between $380 and $1 800. My work is available for sale on my website www.zoeboivin.com.

5)      What would be your craziest dream accomplishment as an artist?

I would like to build a large-scale installation in New York where people could get an immersive experience in my universe. I would love it to be a long lasting outdoor installation, that would eventually evolve with its surroundings.

6)      Do you think creativity is a super power? What does it bring to a person in your opinion? Should everyone try to develop it?

I think everyone is creative, that does not mean everyone should make art for a living, but I definitely think it should be a part of everyone’s life, no matter how exactly it ends up materializing itself. Creativity is the freedom of the mind, and no matter what you do, it can help you approach a problem differently. It brings freedom, inspiration, new directions and opportunities. As a visual artist, I am creative in a very traditional way, but I think it it’s definitely something that can, and should transcend the classic mediums. We all have that super-power inside!


Photos courtesy of Zoe Boivin.

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