The beauty of these fashion icons inspired Halloween costumes is that you probably already own the components in your wardrobe. You’ll most likely only need to get a wig or a different hair do.

1. #VogueLeaders like Anna Wintour (US Vogue Editor), Grace Coddington (US Vogue Creative Director), Anna Dello Russo (editor of Vogue Japan), Andre Leon Talley (US Vogue Editor).


For Wintour, you’ll need over sized sunglasses, a dark blond fringed bob wig, a knee long short sleeved dress (with small prints or in tweed) and a short, rather discrete, round statement necklace combined to mid high heels (she has worn the heels on this picture a number of times now and it’s safe to say, they’re part of her warm weather style) and printed midi/knee length coat.


For Coddington, you need a suit with a slightly over sized vest in neutral black and white, a pair of black flats and a frizzy ginger wig.

LFW SS2013: Street Style Day 3

If you want to channel your inner Dello Russo, go for sexy, colorful and accessorized. Your outfit needs to look like a walking piece of art. You can totally pull this girl!


Andre Leon Talley’s style, on the other hand, can be replicated using a long black tunic, a white shirt, a black large tie, black flats and a long massive metallic necklace.




2. #SquadGoals. Whether it’s the Clueless duo with their short pleated skirts, matching vest and retro hats or Taylor Swift’s Suicide Squad (movie reference) and their Lara Croft inspired costumes. You’d be set to show stopper mode.


denis gagnon

3. #IconicFramedDesigner like Denis Gagnon, Karl Lagerfeld. You need statement eye wear (the bigger, the better) and a long ponytail wig (black for Gagnon and grey/white for Lagerfeld). For the Lagerfeld look, you need the classiest black suit you own, a long collar white shirt and an imposing large black tie showcasing a necklace round pendant with black shoes and a pair of black or metallic finger cut gloves. For the Gagnon look, go for black jeans, leather biker jacket, a black shirt and a pair of black and white converse.

Fashion Preview.CM.2

4. #MtlFashionStudents who take style and originality to the next level. Your imagination should lead the way to achieve these looks. They had fun doing so and so should you!


5. #StylishPowerCouple. Now you can go as David and Victoria (sophistication, high heels and pencil skirts with soccer references for him), Kanye and Kim (long gold chains, jeans and t-shirt for him and cleavage revealing body suit combined to a body tight midi skirt with classic pumps and long slightly over sized coat) or Barrack and Michelle (a colorful cocktail dress with dark pumps for Michelle and a fitted black suit for Barack).

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