I had the chance to try the new 2017 Lincoln MKZ luxurious experience for a week. First of all, I was excited to drive a Lincoln because it made me feel closer to my grand father who recently passed away and who used to drive a Lincoln SUV. I was also excited to experiment what Matthew McConaughey experiments when he drives his. My first impression when I saw the car was OMG it’s not an SUV?!? I always thought somehow Lincoln mainly focused on SUVs, this one was a white sedan with leather interior and an opening roof that refreshes you like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The robust structure made me feel safe and I couldn’t wait to hit the road in it.


Inside the car, I instantly felt Lincoln’s prestigious stamp and I wasn’t alone based on people’s stares on the streets. First, the lighting was amazing inside and out. At night, as you get close to the car it senses the chip in your car key, which is actually a car remote, and lights up even the lights on its handles and projects the Lincoln Logo on the floor. It literally feels like your car is rolling out a welcoming lighted carpet for you. The car seats were simply divine and hold you tight so you don’t slip left and right on curvy parts of the road. I was able to heat my seat, cool it (which feels a bit weird at first) and even get an adjustable back massage and let me tell you, the feeling of it and the face you make when you’re driving and getting a massage at the same time are priceless. I was also able to heat the steering wheel which is definitely a plus for our not so gentle weather. The way lighting and temperature is configured allows every person to turn up or down the degrees and the lights, which reminded me of the customization on a plane seat. The car comes with a rear view camera, sensors on its extremities emitting a sound each time you get too close to another object. There’s also a collision warning that basically sets a sound alarm with a warning on the dashboard if there’s a risk of impact. The MKZ also warns you when you’re driving out of your lane on those dashed lines per example. It does so by triggering vibrations on the steering wheel on the side of the line you’re driving on. The most surprising thing I saw in the car was definitely the power plug at the back.


The crazy thing about this car is with all its features, it does not consume a lot of gas due to its hybrid nature, meaning it recycles energy from its brakes through its Ecoboost system. Gas consumption kicks in when the Eco battery gets low. This is great, budget and the environment wise.


I was able to test the car on different road and weather conditions. The luxurious experience started at Golf Ile des Soeurs where a friend and I had a pro shadowing us through the circuit and giving us advice and technical explanation. We really appreciated his deep knowledge on golf and his professional and fun company. It was actually my first time trying golf and I liked that. I will probably be returning. One of the main major value added items of this golf course was the view of Montreal’s downtown. Absolutely gorgeous! At the second stop, I enjoyed trying a gourmet sushi restaurant called Miso. Sushi is my all time favorite food and that was the perfect way to end the week. Wait, the week did not end there. Saturday we visited Riviere du Chene’s vineyard and tasted some in-house produced wine. That could be a very cute and fun date activity, especially at this upscale vineyard. Afterwards we drove to Auberge du Lac Taureau which I had always wanted to visit. Auberge du lac Taureau is a great escapade place to rest, vacation or try winter or summer activities. Their facilities have this charming rustic modern vibe it’s like the glamping version of wood cabins.

Little fun fact: Matthew played in a movie called The Lincoln Lawyer released in 2011 and he was driving a Lincoln town car. Not sure if this is all a coincidence, or…

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