Last weekend H.B and I hopped onto a brand new 2017 Ford Fusion. The one that came out last week kind of brand new. I had the pleasure of driving it through the improvised adventure. It took me 5 minutes to adapt to it  and to find all the settings and buttons I needed, but after that me and Wendy, my Ford Fusion, understood each other. I usually give the my cars and the cars I like names, you know, because, in my opinion, a car is a girl’s best friend! It makes you feel safe in a creepy neighborhood, it gets you in time wherever you want to go, it keeps your stuff for you for those days you have to carry your whole apartment with you, it keeps up with your lifestyle, it lets you power nap for 5 minutes in between meetings, it becomes a sort of changing and pampering hub for switching shoes or retouching your makeup and can transform into an improvised office for quick meetings. Yes, you guessed it, I basically live in my car.

Our trip started at the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Mariott with Ford Canada’s communication director Christine Hollander, who explained some functionalities of the 2017 Ford Fusion in a mini conference. She emphasized on the fusion of many functionalities making it an intelligent car. Our road trip, schematized by Ford, represented well that fusion concept. At the Marriott we were offered Fusion smoothies with interesting mixes of veggies and fruits, we then drove to Marina Brownburg-Chatham and made some small stops on the way to fusion with nature and contemplate gorgeous sceneries we didn’t necessarily know. Being a tourist in your own city or country is magical. We should all explore our own surroundings as tourists as much as we do when we travel. Once we arrived at Esterel Resort, we had an amazing experience painting the Hybrid Titanium we drove and the beautiful background. We used many colors and were encouraged to mix and play with various textures and tints. H.B. & I ended up winning the best painting for two categories. She scored the badge for best landscape and I scored the badge for most vibrant painting (I took that Fusion theme at heart!). The painting experience was very relaxing and I will certainly repeat the experience. Painting outside on the border of a lake with other people and with a teacher was everything! A wine tasting activity followed by dinner and a dip in the SPA was a great ending to our eventful day. We slept like babies in our modern chic room, which had a Murphy bed hidden behind a faux wall. Hillarious H.B. said to me “I thought only Caroline (from Two Broke Girls) slept in a Murphy bed” to which I responded “Now you too”.

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On the way to Esterel I drove the Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium 2017, which had more power than I thought it would have given its hybrid conception. The downside of the hybrid is the smaller trunk, as the battery takes roughly half of it. The dashboard had a tree and every time I wasn’t driving ecologically, per example if I was accelerating or breaking too suddenly, I would lose a leaf, which kind of conditioned me to regulate my driving as I did not want to end up with a leafless tree. I loved the adjustability of the car seats, up, down, back, forth, etc. The A/C was responding pretty quickly and I could even have it on my seat, it’s a weird sensation on the derriere though. On the way back to Montreal I drove the Ford Fusion Titanium 2017 and I thought it was more powerful than the hybrid and had a larger trunk. One of the coolest options Ford came up with was really the impact prevention. It makes a sound when you are getting dangerously close to another vehicle and it stops to prevent the impact. Another feature alerts you with a sound and a wheel vibration when you are outside your lane’s lines and if it happens a couple of times it tells you something among these lines”Tired driver, stop for coffee”, which some people must have! It could get annoying in curvy turns. Finally, wifi is available in the car and you can synchronyze with your iPhone through Apple Carplay.

H.B. & I made this sneak peak video of our trip.

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