Awkward Girl

So I decided to try this online dating site to join the 21st century and also, because I work crazy hours and I don’t think I can meet someone with my current heavy schedule, unless I’m looking to hook up with a computer at work.

I met different kinds of guys and here are the categories of the opposite sex I got to date:

1. The really hot but superficial guy. He moved from Miami to Montreal and he looked like a greek apollon. You know he’s trouble and not looking for a girl friend, but most likely a night friend.

2. The we haven’t met yet and I’m already super possessive, stalker and nosy type of guy. All up in your business and asking you to cancel your plans to see him. NEXT!!!

3. The married guy who is looking to cheat on his wife and did not select any response for that marrital status question. Oh, and he will probably tell you his secret once you get attached to  make it harder on you to pull off or will just never say anything.

4. The loser who will make it seem like he is all for it and searching for love and a solid relationship just like his parents’ who have been together since high school, promessing unicorns and rainbows just to get in your pants.

5. The guy who came out straight from your fantazies: The pilot, the porn actor, the doctor. You’ll probably have lots of fun with these ones 😉

6. The I just got out of a long relationship type aka just looking for a rebound who will reboost my self esteem. Arrivederci!!

7. The guy who doesn’t have a phone or an FB account. He’ll tell you about it without you even asking: This type creeps me out. I mean who doesn’t have a phone!?! Ok, I can get that you don’t want to share every detail of your life with the whole world on FB, but a phone for god’s sake!!! Doesn’t he realize that us women automatically think he’s being too precautious or lying because he’s married or something like that and he would be more respected if he just says sorry, I would like to share my info once we get to know each other or any other excuse, really any other one…

8. The norml guy. Those reprensent a poor 5% of the online dating community… Unfortunately.

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince… Bring it on frogs! 😉

xo ~ Awkward Girl

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