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Ok, so I used to be the biggest believer in exes friensdships, but I kind of changed my mind over the years and here’s why. 1. This is probably the major reason why you two should NOT be friends. One of you may still have feelings for the other and may end up getting hurt […]

1) How did you come up with the name Babes & Gents? It’s a long story, but basically I just wanted a name that people would be able to understand right away and relate to, while changing the meaning of a Babe and a Gent for the fans who are willing to go beyond the […]

– EN – I had the chance to interview David Pare, speaker and founder of Lcodeseduction. In a few words , he is the Hitch of Quebec. Their mission: increase your dating success rate! But beware, their services are not limited to dating and can be extended to other spheres of your life. 1)Β What isΒ Lcodeseduction? […]

  Chloe Bellande is a young film-maker, Producer and screen writer who decided to take control of her own destiny and shape it the way she envisions and wants it to be. How did you discover your passion for film-making? At the age of 12, I enjoyed writing short stories and at 16, while studying […]

  By Lyly   I am the type of person who will try everything because I have an insatiable hunger for discoveries and novelty. This is why it was only natural for me to try Speed dating, that and the fact that I wanted to meet new people and maybe find love or THE one… […]

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