I recently attended artist Rio’s vernissage at Auberge Saint-Gabriel and it was just as you would expect: refined, colorful and sensual.I first discovered the artist at Meubles Reno and I liked the painting I saw to the point where I had to ask for the artist’s name. I then saw his work here and there, which reinforced the general appreciation for the brand and its signature master pieces. When you see a Rio, you immediately understand as he focuses on women’s faces while playfully extra volumizing their hair. His new collection adds glammed nature as a signature theme. The figures express enigma while using rich and high end textures such as Czech crystals, golden leaves and hematite for a supercharged feel of glam and a close attention to details. He learned many of those techniques by himself. Each one of his paintings is unique and can come in different sizes up to 12 foot. They are sparkly, they are vibrant and they are gorgeous. An interesting fact is that he uses 100 to 150 years old encyclopedia pages to produce his art and to mix the present with the past in a way. During our on the spot interview, Rio shared his number one tip for artists who want to make it in their industry which was to never give up. He had to overcome many closed doors before making it in the industry. I also asked him to weigh in on fashion versus art and he categorically thinks fashion is a form of art and that my friends is the moment I deeply connected with him! Although, he collaborates with some designers, he has no plan of printing his signature paintings on clothing pieces.



The vernissage had a dia de los muertos theme which was perfect for the artist’s new skull inspired paintings. There were models dressed and made up as muertos with accents of black, white and red as well as a candy bar in those same colors. The ambiance was exquisitely filled with art lovers and media devouring the beauty of the paintings, of the set-up and of the fun classy ambiance.


Another exciting news from the artist: Rio recently launched a magazine with long time interior designer best friend Stephanie Belanger called l’Art de Recevoir focusing on decor and culinary art. The publicity free publication which will be published 4 times a year and sold $10.95. It’s like a Pinterest board that tells you where to get your favorite items It’s designed to inspire you and teach you how you can upgrade your set-up game with even items you already own at home. It’s a real delight for the eyes featuring local artisans. Stephanie’s best advice for styling a memorable set-up is to have fun with your creativity. She also shared with me that there’s a TV show in the talks for her and RIO, to be continued…


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