On March 18th and 19th as previously announced in a previous post here, was the 3rd edition of Fashion Preview, presented by Lolli Communications. This time, the much awaited fashion shows took place at the Tudor Hall of Ogilvy. It was hard to resist making a stop or two before getting to the 5th floor, but we made it!

Fashion Preview.GS.1

We spotted Denis Gagnon, who recently collaborated with Place Montreal Trust for a special series of events which kicked off last week (details here), Serge Jean Laviolette, Jean-Claude Poitras, and many others, you could spot by yourself through the photos, the outfits are AMAZE!


Fashion Preview.GS.2


Fashion Preview.GS.2

Ok, so enough with the contextualization, let’s get to the main course of the post: THE COLLECTIONS. Just remember, if some collections seem to be too wild for your everyday style, you could borrow a piece or two as the statement piece for your outfit to be matched with sober complements.



WRKDEPT opened the runway with zen samourai meets urban comfy looks showcasing neutrals with a slight colour pop in fluid materials combined to waist emphasizing ropey belts. My favourite piece is, without a doubt, the elevated boat neck (which is a derivative of the elevated round neck we saw on the NYFW runways when we talked about medieval inspirations here). I also loved the high buns (I mean that’s my signature look 😉 ).


KQK celebrated basics with black & White (& sometimes Grey). I loved the office friendly direction of the collection and the destructured touches. I can’t help but have a punchant for the half short/half long skirt, which leave place to the imagination, the kind of business chic sarouel, the mix of leather and suit fabrics (always a winner) and the black destructured coats.

V-Franz or the master of original layering bluffed me as I was expecting rather casual pieces. There was casualty combined to strategic cuts and layering toggling the pieces right on the fine line between casual and chic, combining the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for statement pieces, that’s a brand you may want to consider.

Elisa C-Rossow.CM.CM.1
Elisa C-Rossow confirmed the empowered women image of her brand with standing static dark model quatuor. There’s something dangerously attractive and mystic about black especially when mixed to leather, you just can’t take your eyes off of it, maybe because it reminds you of Batman, Cat Woman or Maleficent (talking about Angelina here) which are all badass! People were also able to try and feel fabrics of pieces from the collection which was displayed on two racks. I loved the armored style shoulders on the black dress and the woolen leathered perfecto.

Day 2


Vaiken and its sexy shorts and dresses made me forget it’s actually cold in Montreal during winter, but we do need some light sexy outfits for winter’s best nights out! I also love the way the cuts embrace and accentuate the feminity of a woman’s body.

Naïké also opted for neutral tones and clean 9 to 5 cuts. My favorite piece is the printed dress with that plunging V-neck and the sexy centered leg slit.

Les Incompétents.GS.8

Les Incompétents went for comfort, with non adjusted sweatpants and mattress  fabrics, yet feminine and masculine slightly futuristic pieces.

Leinad Beaudet.GS.12
Leinad Beaudet‘s floral prints, fluorescent yellow and sparkly gold with his signature runway model age diversity and their effortless proximity with the crowd. Pay attention to the details of the plunging V necks.

Niapsou Design.GS.5
Niapsou Design threw a boost of energy with the opening dance show right before models rocked the runway with hair bowes and coloured lozengy harlequin inspired fabrics.


Photo credit: Chris M. & Geovanny Solis.

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