If fashion was an astrology, 2015 would be the year of the MAN! TOM*, Just For Him Festival and the upcoming Weekend Au Masculin.

So to be coherent with chronological orders, after the TOM* press conference I told you about here, Chris and I attended the Just For Him fashion show. The festival, which was presented by ArtMtl, took place  at ALT Hotel and Place Ville Marie from May 26 to 28. The first day showcased a painting exhibition, men and fashion themed, the second was a photography exhibition and the third day presented a fashion show featuring designers and brands such as Just Ta Designs, Diodati, Nico DesignsPascal Labelle, Theroux, TristanRW&CoJean Paul FortinTom TailorKarv and XOOS and accessories such as Guillotine, Maison GodefroiExorphe and Feri.

I loved seeing the artistic photos, paints and male runways. It’s not every day that you get to see eye candy presented in an artsy way. Enjoy the pictures form the fashion show event and we are looking forward to the next editions.

Photos courtesy of Just for Him Festival


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