The latest edition of Fashion Preview added even more art and beauty last week to Place des Arts’ Wilder Building, fashion week’s new venue. We selected our runway favorites and here’s what we’d love to see you wearing this spring/summer 2019 Montreal!


In a nutshell, denim will be making triumphant guest appearances mixed with other fabrics like we’ve seen on Markantoine‘s runway.


Suits are getting a makeover, they’re getting serious boosts of rebel chic vibes, we’re talking Matrix or Vigilante style with KQK. They’re also getting pretty sexy cuts and curvy highlights with Les Poupounes de Luxe, imagine an episode of Suits transitioning into a sexy James Bond office situation.

Les Poupounes de Luxe

Robert Atelier

Fabrics sheerness, fluidity and comfort was another recurring element with AHH MEN and Robert Atelier along with velvety and metallic pieces with Velvet Couture.


Velvet Couture

An unexpected material turned heads on the runway, bringing festiveness and fashion fun to greater levels: sequences and tulle were brought to us by Lucas Stowe, make sure you check out his master pieces if you’re planning to glam out this summer and want some show stopper pieces.

Lucas Stowe

Lucas Stowe

Oh, and for your more sophisticated soirées, Leinad has the perfect combination of drapyness, flowiness, plissé and plungeant Vs for the perfect effortless flowy chic look.


Funkiness and popping colors also made a noticeable and energizing appearance on the runway with WRKDEPT,  in the form of vibrant reds, electric blues, deep coral on a mix of different fun fabrics such as tulle, mesh, denim and more rigid and structured frocks, dressed up with just as fun and funky accessories. And Le Valet Cireur complemented those vibes (If you don’t know their concept by the way, they basically pimp up your shoes and give them a whole new soul and fashion purpose)


Le Valet Cireur

We also had the pleasure of discovering new accessory brands in the accessory village like  GuillotineHYP SocksKris WarrenLouve MontréalNina.Nanas JewelryPartoemJ3L Lingerie.


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