Wear comfortable & light clothes. Go for loose or extensible clothes that you can easily slip on and slip off. T-Shirt and skirts for women and shorts or pull on pants for men are the easiest to throw on and take off. Button ups tend to make changing slower. A light leather jacket or trench are also preferred during winter to avoid getting swetty and having to carry a chunky heavy warm coat.

Keep it simple. Avoid wearing too many layers and accessories, especially accessories that can damage garment.

Wear neutral colors. Neutral colors generally match with most of the things you’ll try on and won’t distract from the new piece, which will help you picture its fit with the rest of your wardrobe.

Coordinate your underwear with your target purchases. Depending on what you’re shopping for, wear nude undies if you’re planning on trying whites or light colors. Wear or bring an extra strapless, backless bra.

Bring the item(s) you’re trying to match. If you are looking to match a specific item of your wardrobe, bring it along so you can compare the shades of color as well as the fabric match.

Lighten your bag. Bring a light weighted bag or none at all. If you can slip in a reusable shopping bag in it to group your purchases in it, making them easier to carry and reducing plastic use.

Go flat. Ballerinas or mules during summer or zipped shoes or slip on sneakers. Laces can get annoying if you have to tie and untie them a number of time.

Bring recharges to your inner battery.Β Bring a bottle of water with you and a small snack to recharge if you’re not planing on stopping at a restaurant or coffee shop.

Opt for light make-up. If you wear a lot of makeup, remember you may spread half of it on the clothes you’ll be trying on, so you may want to either apply less or bring a scarf to protect your face.

Bring your fidelity and discount cards. If you know which stores you’ll be going to, many offer a % discount when you subscribe to their newsletter. Prepare your points cards and make sure they’re in your wallet.


Now that you’re ready, let’s get shopping?

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