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Your style is the first window to your personality, creativity and risk taking level. It’s important to explore it, define it and develop it. You have to let your imagination run free to illustrate the message you want to project, and splash your personality and artistic touch all over your outfit, and of course, to […]

The way you dress  is the first impression people have about you! For this reason, your style should be a reflection of who you are now and who you want to be in the future. As Seth Godin would say, that’s the story you’re telling about yourself, it’s part of your brand! Which is why […]

Wearing colors has a bigger impact on your life than you can imagine. Each color sends a specific message, has a different effect on your mood and how people perceive you. According to a British study, people who wear more colors at the office are more likely to get promoted and raised as they stand out more […]

One of my favorite office looks is by far the high waisted skirt, whether it’s a pencil or a bit shorter one, paired to a tucked in blouse. In this case, I mixed it with a plaid blouse, that looks like a men’s shirt. And it’s time for a style confession: I LOVE men’s shirts, as […]

How to wear a kimono in cold weather for your Sunday brunch or to the office? 1. Choose a long, long sleeved, kimono. Mine is a reference to summer as I am still in summer/fall mode, but you can totally rock a more fall representative color. This is the statement piece of the outfit and what […]

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