Your style is the first window to your personality, creativity and risk taking level. It’s important to explore it, define it and develop it. You have to let your imagination run free to illustrate the message you want to project, and splash your personality and artistic touch all over your outfit, and of course, to have fun in the process.

1. Add Some Color. Often when I go out I realize that many people opt for neutral colors, especially in winter and I think it’s a bit depressing. Neutral colors are beautiful, classic and should be part of a wardrobe, but adding color is like adding vitamins to your day. If you knew the powerful effect of colors on the human brain as well as the messages they transmit implicitly. For example, wearing yellow will give you energy, blue will stimulate your creativity and red will boost your seductive side. Learn more about colors and their effects on people Β here.

2. Mix Textures & Prints. A lace top with a satin skirt, a silk top with a matte textured skirt. Remember how tv show stylists like Sex & The City and Gossip Girl skillfully matched fabrics and prints, inspiring fashionistas to do the same all around the world. You’re probably picturing the long canvas tutu skirt with the Dior 8 cotton t-shirt Carrie wore on the show’s generic.

3. Accessorize. Whether you are team statement jewelry or prefer delicate fine jewelry, accessories are like the icing on the cake of a look and can completely change the look of your outfit and even change the look of a particular piece, so it’s like super charging your wardrobe and the possible combinations within it. When talking accessories, it can be a tie, a choker, a statement necklace, a fake collar, a bracelet, a watch, glasses, one or more rings, earrings, pass or scarf in the hair, belt, sunglasses, purse, suspenders, bow tie, etc. There is no limit to the game of “accessory seasoning”. The beauty of accessories is that they are great creativity tools. A scarf can be used as a belt, necklace, headband or … a scarf. A necklace can serve as an ornament for hair on your head and can turn into a bracelet.

4. Dare & Take Risks. Do not be afraid to put on a flashy garment, a larger accessory, more subtle colors or any unconventional and original pieces, whether or not it falls into the norms to which you are usually accustomed. Let your style basically tell who you are before you even introduce yourself. Keep in mind that people remember those who stand out in their style, attitude and ideas. Celebrate your style and own it!

5. Add a beauty touch. Personally, I love adding a touch of lipstick to a red, pink or vibrant and matte peach. It adds the perfect pop of color to a more sober outfit or an outfit that has some similar hues, not to mention the illuminating effect it has on the face. A smokey eye, light or accent, can also add a femme fatale touch to an outfit.


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