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Wearing colors has a bigger impact on your life than you can imagine. Each color sends a specific message, has a different effect on your mood and how people perceive you.

  1. According to a British study, people who wear more colors at the office are more likely to get promoted and raised as they stand out more with their external appearance and the confidence they project due to how good and energetic they feel when wearing colorful outfits.
  2. Based on the same study, patterns (27%), red (15%) and purple (10%) make people look more creative. If you work in the creative industry, wearing blue boosts your imagination, artistic and innovation powers. Purple can also boost creativity and help take decisions with its effects on intuition.Stay_Away_From_Too_Much_Colors
  3. 25% of people feel happier when seeing colleagues wearing prints and bright colors. It’s more than just something nice to watch, people admire their style, their confidence to rock non conventional tints which inspires them. You can actually experiment that at the office and you will observe a change as your colleagues will step up their color and style game.
  4. Don’t forget your style is part of your packaging or branding. While some work places are more open to creative style like marketing and PR, more traditional industries such as finance and banking could express their creativity by wearing brighter or pastel colored shirts, colored, original and professional ties and accessories.
  5. Blue, black and grey are the preferred colors for job interviews as they project calm, sincerity and professionalism.office-wear-ruffle-tops1
  6. When it comes to romance, red, burgundy, pink and wine colors make you look more attractive and make others want to know more about you and possibly get closer. “Red acts as a basic, non-lexical prime, influencing reproduction-relevant behavior in like manner across species” (Kayser, Elliot, & Feltman, 2010, p. 901). That basically explains the primal signal of reproduction and fertility the color red triggers.5-Straight-Pant-Suits-for-ladies-hot-collection-8
  7. Students might want to wear more yellow and green for cheering, intelligence and relaxation vibes during exams period.
  8. When you’re feeling blue, go for pink or yellow and avoid blue. It will boost your mood from within like having your own personal sun.
  9. Every color has its own effects on individuals:
    1. Blue: Has calming effects, represents loyalty, stability and makes materials look lighter, reduces appetite, but too much exposure can cause depression.
    2. Black: Rimes with power, mystery, professional, seriousness, responsibility, authority, knowledge, intelligence, style, high quality and it makes people look thinner.
    3. White: Symbolizes innocence, simplicity, cleanliness, sophistication and also has calming effects.
    4. Green: Its effects include relaxation, improved vision, healing, freshness and represents nature, success and hope.
    5. Purple: Represents sophistication, luxury, wealth and develops spirituality and intuition, deepness of thoughts and libido. It’s a stimulating color like red.
    6. Red: Color of passion, romance, intensity, aggressiveness and higher status.
    7. Orange is similar to red, although perceived as less aggressive and more of an energizing color.
    8. Yellow: Brings light and, therefore, symbolizes cheerfulness, inspiration and intelligence.
    9. Grey: Is the color that comes between black and blue in terms of what it represents: sophistication, authority, professionalism, confidence without being intimidating.
    10. Brown: Often associated with down to earth, conservative, old fashion and reliability.
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