How to wear a kimono in cold weather for your Sunday brunch or to the office?

1. Choose a long, long sleeved, kimono. Mine is a reference to summer as I am still in summer/fall mode, but you can totally rock a more fall representative color. This is the statement piece of the outfit and what gives it a super woman cape effect. Check out the ones  1861 Boutique have in their online shop.

2. Pair it to a matching blouse or top or to matching pants or skirt. I love adding colors to my outfits during fall/winter season. I find it brightens the day and, according to Chinese culture, wearing color attracts luck. You can do so by combining summery colors to cold season colors such as brown, burgundy and dark grey and remember what truly matters is the overall harmony of your outfit and the statement behind it.


3. Choose a necklace in the same tints as your bottom piece. I chose a brownish golden statement necklace to break the overload of pink on the top of my outfit.

4. Add pumps that fit the overall look. I chose brown to balance out the pinkish peach.

5. Complete the look with a dark color hand bag to underlines its general hues.

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