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Fashion Preview is going strong with its 4th edition and the addition of new designers and exhibitors extending the event to 3 days compared to previous editions. This time, some designers such as Naïké and V-FRANZ even included kids in their collections.


Last week, Maison Ogilvy welcomed, for the occasion, exhibitors such as Annick Lévesque, Holdur, Tshu, Maison Bourdon, Jérôme Bocchio, PURPLE LUXE, Ella Dugré, LLY Atelier, Effet Papillon Créations, Miss Cocotte, Quality Native Crafts and ByKilani.


WRKDEPT. The intriguing brand opened Fashion Preview and was the the energizer to our eyes and souls. The Spring Summer collection will bring color and vitamin to any under colored wardrobe with some Indian and Asian influences. I am totally adding the plastified baby face dress on my wish list.

MB Alphawear.CM.5

MB Alphawear‘s men collection was stamped with urbanity and slightly hipsterish references. There were also small little signature details on each piece reminding  us of nature like the use of neutral colors such as beige, sweat pants fabric, the red plaid shirt and the strong use of brownish beige pieces and details.


HUTCHISON‘s light cotton fabric pieces looked perfect for minimalist style lovers. It was the perfect representation of comfort and feminine girl next door. I was plunged in the memories of a warm summer day at the old port or on a boat while contemplating the collection.


JONCAS‘ light flowy fabrics screamed comfort and style. It was like seeing elegant feminine ghosts. The way the cuts and details were put together combined to the subtle superposition of pastel toned over pure white fabrics gave a high end feel to the pieces. The brilliant marriage of fluidity, lines accentuation and incorporated belts was an enhancement to that feel.

Naïké.Bureau de la mode

Naïké. I loved the chic family dinner theme with the kids. A brilliant mix of professional and weekend from the sheer top to the short shorts suit and the long sleeveless vest. Naïké, I love your long vests, you’re officially my go to designer for long vests amongst other pieces. What I like about Naïké is their ability to deliver stylish quality timeless modern sober pieces.

Denis Gagnon.CM.6

Denis Gagnon, our very own enfant terrible de la mode, did it again. The black and white spring summer collection was an exploration of both sexy and conservative poles. The whole presentation had a spiritual feel to it with the inspiring music, the projection of mountains and nature images, which is a little different from his previous shows where we usually feel his inner child in every aspect of the fashion show. If I compare to his last spring/summer collection, the pieces were this time a little more sober with longer and ampler cuts, but still included some sheerness,  sexy necklines and shorts.

Leinad Beaudet.CM.1

Leinad Beaudet, brought elegant long dresses and some professional attire that I would totally wear at the office. I was also happy to see the use of different age models, which has now become a signature runway move for the brand.

Dominique Ouzilleau.CM.2

Dominique Ouzilleau. Did you know Ouzilleau previously collaborated with big names such as Lagerfeld, Chanel, Givenchy and Fendi? Well now you do. The recycled fur label included more sober designs such as wool coats with subtle fur touches and other all fur made coats with different art work techniques. My favorite pieces are the wool/fur combinations and I am in love with the red lined cut sleeve coat.

Les Incompétents.CM.5

Les Incompétents. Large fits, nurse looking outfits (in a cool way) and effortless vibes. I would totally wear the over sized white and blue dress with dark blue pumps and a tie as a belt. I feel like I don’t necessarily see people sporting that style on the street, but I would definitely love to. I find it brings a zen ambiance (I mean, who could yell at or punch someone looking that effortlessly zen?!) and an interesting trend to explore, as we should never become prisoners of one style only.

Brit Wacher.CM.10

Brit Wacher. I loved the usage of a large variety of fabrics such as sheer, leatherish, suit pants fabric and overlapped colors and textures. This offers variety in wearables that can be used for 9 to 5 and 5 to 9. Who has time to go change before happy hour?

Les Enfants Sauvages.CM.8

Les Enfants Sauvages. The only designer who made a strong use of prints through some retro references and Indian sari inspired colors for the office wardrobe.


V-FRANZ. I was so in love with the sexy original brilliantly cut dresses. The curved lines and lacing and the strategic fabric cropping accentuates the female body curves, which is great for the most memorable nights of summer 2016 to come.

Photo credit: Chris M & Mode Montreal ( for Naïké)

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