On June 10th, maison Bronze launched their first collection. The brand put together a fashion show of high end clothing pieces made in Quebec under the artistic direction of Hamza Mejri, the designer. The runway was the spectacle of three major trends combined in chic and classy cuts: lace, sheer and printed details in tints that reminded us of dark metals such as bronze, silver and gold. I had the pleasure to ask the designer a few questions to get a better feel of the brand and his vision.

1. Who is the designer behind Bronze? (Name & Short Description)

I grew up in Tunisia and moved later to Quebec to pursue my professional career. Son of a fashion designer, I quickly developed a passion for fashion and photography. My first years in Canada were filled with trips that inspired me for my first collection and that also resulted in many unique pictures and a specialization in fashion photography. I drew my inspiration from cultures and civilisations I encountered during those trips. I also organized an exposition called « The Dress »for which I was the artistic director. Last year, I created the first Canadian men’s fashion festival called “Just For Him“. After my fashion and styling training, I decided two years ago, I was going to create my first collection and then find the seamstresses for maison Bronze.


2. Why the name Bronze?

Bronze represents the symbiosis and harmony of its different materials. A universal and intemporal material renowned for its robustness. Maison Bronze is a perpetual research for elegance and refinement through inspirations from different countries and times while adapting to the 21st century and its societal trends.

3. What’s the brand’s main characteristics? What’s the statement behind the brand’s DNA?

Bronze is a luxurious line of ready to wear clothing with accessories inspired by haute couture and the sixties’ androgynous fashion. It reinterprets the classics for men and women and revisits the 21st century’s feminine chic style through a collection of ready to wear as well as tailored pieces.

4. What’s the price range and where can we find it?

The brand is currently available online and will shortly open its first sales points in Montreal. Prices range between $160 and $3000. After the fashion show it will be available at l’Autre couture (625, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal,Québec).

5. What were the different challenges in creating menswear versus womenswear for the collection?

One of the biggest challenges I had while creating the collection was mixing the fabrics. Finding the harmony with each fabric is like a marriage (laughs). I also pulled many allnighters with the seamstresses at the atelier, but when we would find the perfect symbiosis between fabrics, it was would be a magical moment. I also travelled a lot to find those perfect unique occidental and oriental fabrics. Finally, I had to give the brand an identity so that it stands out and gets recognized on the street.

6. What’s next for Bronze in the future? (accessories, international, online versus stores, etc.)

We have many projects cooking with the team. Our first boutique will open soon and we hope to open 2 other ones in Canada and then enter the US. More accessories will be available for the end of 2016 and early 2017. Next September, we will be participating to Mexico’s fashion week. We already have some orders internationally and we are aiming to grow with the help of our hard working team.

7. Which local or international celebrity would you like to dress and why?

Kristen Stewart for her elegance. Her beauty sublimes pieces of clothing and her androgynous style represents well maison Bronze’s image.

8. Who is your favorite all time designer and why?

My favorite designer? Excellent question! I would say Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld. The designer showcases an heritage, a historical brand. Maison Chanel’s collections are just perfect.

Photos courtesy of maison Bronze.

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